Mono printing at the studio

I've started to combine mono printing with my screen prints, which gives a lovely painted effect with the graphic flat colour of stencils. It does mean that each and every print is slightly different. I stumbled across some lovely gold powder too!

ITV 60 Minute Makeover

I created a screen print of a pub that a couple used to live in, work in and love for 60 Minute Makeover. As you can see it was an emotional journey for them, pretty pleased to be the favourite part of the makeover! Being filmed in the studio was a lengthy, embarrassing and uncomfortable experience.. with multiple takes and repeating myself - luckily most of it was edited out! 

Wallpaper Install at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

We had been waiting a few months to get into the finished A&E department to install the wallpaper for the corridor, with a two day window before the ward went live these boys did a super speedy job at lining up. It definitely adds a homely feel to the usually sterile environment. Hopefully you won't have the pleasure of seeing it in the flesh, but those that do can spot all the iconic buildings of London. 

window graphics installation at A&E department

Exciting to see the botanical designs come to life on the windows of the Majors Department as part of the new A&E at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Bringing a little of the outside in, these designs travel over all the windows of the individual bays, it was a bonus that they looked great in the atrium of the hospital too. I was only able to see the first few installed, so more pictures to follow!

Printing on Plastics part 2

Due to the lovely effect and success of the last collaboration Stella decided to incorporate screen printed elements onto her plastics with my help. The imagery she picked reflected the local area of Huddersfield, and these lovely pieces of plastic where suspended in an atrium of a leisure centre (picture to come).

Printing on pressed plastic

I've been collaborating with Stella Corrall for the past few years and this time she wanted to combine screen printing with her pressed plastics. She usually hangs her plastics in atriums or mounts them over mirrors or light boxes. This particular piece was to thank all those that had donated to a hospital ward. The inks looked lovely on the translucent material (although very smelly to work with!)

'We Rise with Style' collaboration with West Elm

On the 17th of July three of West Elm's top stylists chose a selection of their favourite Rise Art artists, our works will be on show in the store and styled with West Elms lovely interior products. I was chosen along side artists Kristin Gaudio Endsley, Andy Wilx, Barry Goodman and Mat Cahill. Catch the pop up gallery before Sunday. For more information please visit

Ibiza Inspired Wedding Invitations

A couple getting married in Ibiza wanted something completely unique and personal for their wedding invitations. Based on their own photographs screen printed artworks were created, 6 in total. They were then chopped up and sent out to all of their guests with the details printed on the back. The guests are meant to bring the invitations back to the wedding in Ibiza to reveal the artwork. Let's hope no one forgets!

The Pickled Fork pop up Diner

I was asked to exhibit some of my American inspired work in a local pop up diner, The Pickled Fork cooked up a storm for a couple of weeks in a disused building in Brixton. 

Behind the scenes- office window graphics

We went to Lintec for the day to check all of the colour samples before the mammoth installation at Bolton at Home which was over 3 floors and 2 different locations. It was amazing seeing their massive printing machines and the richness of colour they could create. In our designs we played around with areas of frosting for privacy and areas cut out through the colour, quite different from designing a screen print. We had to consider how much light would be travelling through the design as this would affect the punchiness to the colours.

Screen printing wedding invitations

These wedding invitations were designed for a couple who were getting married on a ranch in Australia. These images show the screen printing process and the careful folding and tying of each individual one. 

Hoarding artwork-Going UP!

It has been a real challenge to install over 600 meters of artwork over 4 different sites, luckily we have had the helping hands of the experienced and our hardworking students giving the hoarding a quick lick of paint.